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10.0.P.1 Student Policies Goals / Priority Objectives

Section 10.0 - Policy


The following procedures are instituted for purposes of establishing a learning environment conducive to the best learning achievement for each student.

Strategic Planning
  1. The District will utilize a strategic planning process to work collaboratively with its stakeholders to define its strategy and to make decisions on allocating resources to pursue the strategy.  The District goal for strategic planning is to identify a clear and articulated path of excellence for educating students for the new century.
  2. Each school site will develop a long-range (3 – 5 year) continuous improvement plan, including measurable student performance goals and learning environment goals (e.g. safety, diversity, social skills, parent involvement, facilities, etc.).
  3. The school will use input from the school community, student performance assessment data and school climate measures to identify school needs and set appropriate school goals. 
  4. The continuous improvement plan will be aligned to the District strategic plan and support the District goals.
  5. The continuous improvement plan will be reviewed by the District administration for approval. Progress toward identified goals will be measured and reported to the parents and the community on at least an annual basis. 
  6. Progress reports and adjustments to the plan are submitted to and approved by the school supervisor annually. 

Principal Responsibilities for Assuring a Learning 
Environment Conducive to Student Achievement

The principal of every school offering instruction in preschool programs, kindergarten programs or any combination of grades one through twelve is responsible for:
  1. Providing leadership for the school. 
  2. Implementing the goals and the strategic plan of the school. 
  3. Serving as the administrator of the school. 
  4. Distributing a parental satisfaction survey to the parent of every child enrolled at the school. 

The parental satisfaction survey shall be distributed at least once each year and shall be distributed as part of the regular parent communication correspondence. 

Student Handbook Committee
  1. A committee of staff, parents and community members will meet annually to review the expectations for student citizenship and behavior and the possible consequences if expectations are not met.
  2. Revisions to the Student Handbook will be made and published in order to build a common understanding of responsibilities, rights and district expectations for establishing a positive and productive school culture.