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10.11.P.2 Admission of Homeless Students
Liaison Position

The School shall designate a liaison for homeless students and, in conjunction with the state coordinator, shall inform school personnel, service providers, and advocates working with homeless families of the duties of the School liaison.

The School liaison for homeless students shall ensure that:
  • homeless students are identified by school personnel and through coordination activities with other entities and agencies;
  • homeless students enroll in, and have full and equal opportunity to succeed in, the District's schools;
  • homeless families and students receive educational services for which such families and students are eligible, including:
    • Head Start and Even Start programs and preschool programs administered by the School, and
    • referrals to health care and immunization services, dental services, mental health services, and other appropriate services;
  • the parents or guardians of homeless students are informed of the educational and related opportunities available to their children and are provided with meaningful opportunities to participate in the education of their children;
  • public notice of the educational rights of homeless students is disseminated where such students receive services under the Homeless Assistance Act, such as:
    • schools;
    • family shelters; and
    • soup kitchens;
  • disputes over school selection or enrollment in a school are mediated in a manner that:
    • immediately admits the student to the school in which enrollment is sought, pending resolution of the dispute,
    • provides the parent or guardian of the student with a written explanation of the school's decision regarding the school selection or enrollment, and informs the parent, guardian, or student of the rights to appeal the decision,
    • expeditiously carries out the dispute resolution process after receiving notice of the dispute, and
    • in the case of an unaccompanied youth, ensures that the student is immediately enrolled in school pending resolution of the dispute;
  • the parent or guardian of a homeless student, and any unaccompanied youth, is fully informed of all transportation services, including arrangements for transportation to the school of origin;
  • the parent or guardian of a homeless student, and any unaccompanied youth, is assisted in accessing transportation to the selected school.

As a part of the duties, the School liaison for homeless students will coordinate and collaborate with state coordinators and community and school personnel responsible for the provision of education and related services to homeless students.