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10.12.P.1 Open Enrollment

Section 10.12 - Policy


Selection  Process
Approval of applications first require a determination as to the number of Open Enrollment openings (capacity) available per school, a process that the district expects to complete by the last week in March of each year.  Students who have submitted applications will be ranked by priority status. Selection is done by priority level, then by lottery within each priority until all seats are filled.  All applicants will be accepted if there is sufficient capacity.  Students on the listing will be notified of their acceptance, as per availability with respect to the capacity of the campus. If there is insufficient capacity, applicants will be placed on a waiting list.  The waiting list priority will continue to follow the enrollment priorities.  The date of application will only be considered for applications received after the second Friday in February.

The procedure for selection shall be as follows:
  • The applicants will be divided by priority categories and prioritized by computer randomization.  The applicants whose names are selected in order, up to the capacity limitations established, shall be permitted to enroll in the school.  All others will be placed on a waiting list.

Admission  Criteria
The Superintendent shall determine if nonresident students and resident transfer students will be admitted without tuition in accordance with the following criteria:
  • The school in which the student seeks to enroll has the capacity to serve the student without adversely impacting education opportunities for resident students attending their resident school.  Factors to be considered in making this determination include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Physical capacity of the school building and classrooms;
    • Availability of staff (i.e., administrators, teachers, or other certificated employees, related service providers, support staff);
    • Capacity in relevant special programs; and
    • Availability of other resources.

Students are expected to demonstrate successful academic, attendance and behavior standing.  As an open enrolled student, it is important that these standards be adhered to in order to maintain open enrollment status.

Eligible  Children  of  Employees
  • Employee must have legal custody of the child(ren).

In-District High School Transfers
  • Open enrollment applications can be submitted throughout the school year. No open enrollment applications will be approved for in-district high school students after the second week of school for the first semester or after the first week of school for the second semester. 

Eligibility  for  Athletics  and Extracurricular  Activities
  • Eligibility for athletics and extracurricular activity is affected when students transfer from one school to another.  Students considering transfer must contact the athletic director of the receiving school to determine eligibility status in relation to the possible transfer.

Open enrolled students may be eligible for District transportation on a regular education bus route within the attendance boundaries of the school at which the student has been accepted for open enrollment transfer. Transportation of an open enrollment student is subject to the following conditions:
  • Open Enrollment Transportation Applications are reviewed annually. The District will review Open Enrollment Transportation Applications submitted after the third week of school. Parent/Guardian is responsible for transportation until authorization is given for the Open Enrolled student to ride the bus. 
  • Open Enrollment Transportation applies to existing regular education bus routes only. No special bus routes will be established.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the student to have the student at a designated pickup point within the receiving schools transportation area at least ten (10) minutes before the designated pickup time.
  • An adult must accompany a Kindergarten student to the bus stop in the morning and must be at the bus stop in the afternoon when the student is dropped off.
  • Open Enrollment Transportation applications submitted during the school year will be reviewed as they are submitted.
  • The Transportation Department will review each applicants request and authorize transportation based upon capacity on the selected bus route.
  • The school will notify the parent/guardian once transportation has been approved.
  • Bus stop location, route numbers, and pick up/drop off times are subject to change.
  • Upon written notification to the parent/guardian, the District may revoke a student’s eligibility to ride the bus at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to, capacity no longer existing on the assigned bus and/or discipline issues occurring on the bus.