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10.16.P.1 Student Absences and Excuses

Section 10.16 - Policy


Absence Notification

When an excuse or authorization of absence from the parent or person having custody of the student has not been provided to the school office, the school shall make a reasonable effort to promptly telephone and notify parents or persons having custody of a student upon the student's absence.
  • Students in grades kindergarten (K) through six (6):
    • Within two (2) hours after the first class in which the student is absent.
  • Students in grades seven (7) and eight (8):
    • Within two (2) hours of an absence when the absence is from the student's first class of the day.
    • Within five (5) hours of an absence from a class other than the student's first class of the day.

The District and its Board, employees, or agents are not liable for failure to notify.

Further, on or before the enrollment of a student in grades kindergarten (K) through eight (8), the District shall notify parents or other persons who have custody of a student of their responsibility to authorize any absence of the student from school and to notify the school in advance or at the time of any absence.  The District also requires that at least one (1) telephone number, if available, be given to the school office so that a "reasonable effort to notify by telephone" may be accomplished.  This telephone number, if available, shall be provided at the time of enrollment of the student in the school.  The parents or persons having custody of a student shall promptly notify the school of any change in this telephone number.

Excused and Unexcused Absences
  • All unreported absences will be documented as “unexcused” absences.  Elementary (Pre-K to 8) schools will attempt to contact parents/guardians within the first two hours of the school day, in order to ensure student safety and in an attempt to document an absence reason (A.R.S. § 15-807). 
  • Pursuant to A.R.S. § 15-803, a child can only be excused when she/he is accompanied by a parent or a person authorized by a parent.
  • A parent/guardian is the only person who can verify an unexcused absence. Unexcused absences may be verified by the parent/guardian by phone, in person or in writing to the school office within 24 hours of a student returning to school from an absence.
  • Any absence that has not been verified by a parent/guardian within 24 hours can be considered unexcused.
  • A student who independently chooses not to attend school is considered truant.
  • A student who is absent from any given class ten (10) or more times, either excused or unexcused, per semester may not receive academic credit for that class. (A.R.S. § 15-802 and A.R.S. §15-803).
  • All absences in excess of a cumulative 10% of the instructional days for the school year shall be reported as unexcused regardless of multiple enrollments within the district.

Appeal Process
An appeal process is in place for those students who have extenuating circumstances. 
  • Students are given the appeal form following their 10th absence (total excused or unexcused). 
  • The forms are submitted to site administrator for review and approval.

Official documentation, such as doctor’s note is required to file an appeal.