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10.19.P.1 Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
Chronic Health Conditions

Identification/Referral  Process

Staff members shall be informed of procedures to follow in serving "students with chronic health conditions."  School personnel will review registration data and make note of any students who were previously served as students with chronic health conditions.

Students can be identified or referred at any time during the school year.

The person responsible for collection of attendance data shall be informed of established chronic illness procedures. 

 The chronic health certification process allows parent/guardian to excuse absences due to a specific medical condition.  A parent/guardian may request a medical certification to be returned within thirty (30) days.  The teacher and parent shall meet within fifteen (15) days following return of the medical certification.

Eligibility  Criteria

The parents shall submit a written medical certification to the District, which will include:
  • Medical diagnosis.
  • Medical prognosis.
  • Physical limitations affecting physical education activities and requirements.
  • Anticipated surgeries, treatment, or hospitalizations that, although not expected to cause sufficient absences to require homebound services, may interfere with regular school attendance.
  • Licensed health professional’s signature and date signed.

The appropriate instructional services needed are to be recommended by the teacher after consultation with the parent according to the following considerations:
  • The nature of the health condition relevant to the student's anticipated activity level during absences (based on review of the medical certification).
  • The student's academic capacity.
  • The teacher's recommendations for service delivery based on course-work difficulty and the student's ability to learn independently.
  • The most appropriate service delivery in order to maintain integration in the regular education program as much as possible (i.e., regular physical education activities).

After the teacher and the parent have discussed the student's needs, an instructional agreement will be recommended by the parent and the teacher specifying the delivery and return of homework assignments and anticipated contact time with the teacher to assist the student in completing required course work during absences.  This agreement, will be forwarded to the administration for review and modification, if necessary, prior to signature by the parent, and teacher.

If the absences of a student who is classified and has served as a student with a chronic health condition amount to more than three (3) consecutive school months (or ninety [90] calendar days), The chronic health certification form will be reviewed to determine if  homebound services are appropriate. The policies for referral for homebound services shall be followed. 

An updated medical certification shall be obtained for each calendar year to verify the need for continuing instructional modifications and ADM adjustments, 

Miscellaneous  Provisions

Homework assignments will be provided during absences of students with chronic health conditions, and credit will be given for course work completed within established time lines.

Students with chronic health conditions will be given credit for completed course work if frequent absenteeism is due to chronic health conditions as certified by a licensed health professional.

Physical education course-work requirements shall include the option for students with chronic health conditions to participate in regular program activities as much as their health permits.  Such students shall be provided integrated educational programming as much as possible.  Modification to requirements may be made with Board approval.

The counselors who schedule students with chronic health conditions will take into consideration the anticipated days of absence (noted on the medical certification form) and the feasibility of completing courses requiring laboratory work or vocational workshops.