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10.19.P.2 Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
Chronic Health Condition Verification Information

The chronic illness certification process allows parent/guardians to excuse absences due to a specific medical condition. Below are guidelines for completing the forms correctly.
  1. Dysart does not accept any medical certification that does not have the diagnosis, appropriate symptoms listed, and Licensed Health Professional’s signature and contact information listed.  Please return the forms to ensure the completion of the certification process.
  2. The Medical Certification forms must be returned to the school Heath Assistant/Nurse within thirty (30) days of issue.  The teacher/guidance counselor shall meet within fifteen (15) days following return of a medical certification to complete the Instructional Agreement.
  3. The school site may fax the Medical Certification paperwork back to the Physician’s office to verify the document’s authenticity.  An administrator or their designee must refuse acceptance of any Medical Certification found to be fraudulent.
  4. Schools will only code absences as “Chronic Ill” when the parent/guardian has called in their absence due to their chronic condition.
  5. Please monitor the expected frequency and length of episode for absences excused for reasonable compliance with the Physician’s guidelines outlined on the form. If there is a concern about the child not making academic progress due to these absences or that the privilege is being misused, the school will contact the student and/or parent/guardian to discuss these concerns.
  6. If the site has an unresolved concern, after talking with the student and/or parent/guardian, designated Health Services staff will contact the Licensed Health Professional with specific questions related to the diagnosis and/or absenteeism.
  7. Remember, the form expires one (1) year from the date that the Licensed Health Professional signed the form. Parents must obtain a new form annually.

For questions, please contact your school Health Services Assistant/Nurse.