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10.2.P.1 School Attendance Areas

Section 10.2 - Policy


The following procedures will be followed when recommendations are made to the Governing Board for adopting or changing attendance areas.

A public meeting(s) shall be held prior to a Board Meeting in which the Governing Board votes on school attendance boundary changes, to discuss attendance boundary changes or adoptions.  The public meeting shall not exceed sixty (60) minutes.  During the public meeting proposed attendance boundary changes, including maps with proposed boundary changes, will be visually presented. Time shall be granted for public comments regarding the proposed attendance boundary changes. 
  1. Notification of the public meeting shall be given  to the parents or guardians of the students who will change schools and to the parents or guardians of the students whose school will be receiving new students and to all residents of the households within the area affected by attendance boundary changes.
  2. Public meeting notices and proposed maps shall be placed on the school district's website for public review.
  3. Following the Governing Board’s decision regarding the proposed attendance boundary changes, notification shall be given by posting on the District and affected school websites and by direct mail to all residents and parents or guardians of the affected area as to the decision of the governing board.
  4. The attendance boundary maps on the school district's website shall be updated within thirty (30) days of an adopted boundary change. 
  5. The District shall send a direct link to the school district's attendance boundaries website to the department of real estate.