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10.25.P.1 Student Publications

Section 10.25 - Policy



While students do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of expression when attending school, students’ rights of free expression are not automatically coextensive with the rights of emancipated citizens. Schools may impose reasonable time, place, and manner restrictions of student speech activities that may disrupt the normal operation of the school. On the other hand, these restrictions must be content neutral in that school administrators cannot offer a privilege to one group because they agree with the publication content but deny to a group because they disagree with the content. Student publications can be regulated as long as the regulations are reasonably related to legitimate pedagogical concerns such as age appropriateness, grammar, proper composition, and adequate research. 

Any student publication distributed on any campus is to be published by a recognized student organization. Publications are to reflect the writings and expressions of the students and the norms of the community. Responsible journalism and conduct is engendered when students assume responsibility for their acts. Advisors will be expected to edit student publications to ensure that they are of a reasonable and prudent nature regarding language or topics. 

Principal must:
  • Review all student publications prior to print.
  • Abstain from restraining school publications except where the speech is obscene, defamatory, creates a clear and present danger, violates school regulations, disrupts the normal operation of the school OR has pedagogical concerns. 
  • Meet at the beginning of the school year with advisors of all student organizations and clubs to ensure complete understanding of first Amendment protection. 
  • Review with advisors of all clubs and school-sponsored activities their responsibility to oversee student publications in a manner that reflects responsible journalism. 
  • Identify and publish to staff and school organizations any content neutral limitations related to time, place, and manner of student publications.