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10.33.P.1 Student Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances
A student who complains or grieves regarding constitutional rights, equal access to programs, discrimination, or personal safety issues may complain directly to a school administrator or to a school staff member within thirty (30) days of an alleged occurrence.  The initial complaint or grievance should be made using Complaint Form 10.33.F.1, however, a verbal complaint or grievance may be made.  When a school staff member receives the information, the staff member will immediately inform a school administrator.  If the complaint or grievance involves a school administrator, the staff member shall forward the complaint/grievance to the next administrative level.

Complaints and grievances related to student violence, harassment, intimidation or bullying are to be filed in accordance with Governing Board Policy 10.66.

At a minimum the complaint/grievance shall contain the identifying information on the complainant and such specificity of names, places and times as to permit an investigation to be carried out.  The written complaint/grievance should contain a requested solution and the submission should be signed and attested to by the complainant.  However, an unsigned form will be processed in the same manner as a signed form.

The complaint or grievance will be investigated by a school administrator, a supervising administrator or another person approved by the Superintendent.  The student shall be contacted not later than the school day following the date the school administrator or the administrator’s immediate supervisor receives the information.  The procedures to be followed are:
  • An investigation of the reported incident or activity shall be made within ten (10) school days when school is in session or within fifteen (15) days during which the school offices are open for business when school is not in session.  Extension of the time line may only be by necessity as determined by the Superintendent.
  • The investigator shall meet with the student who submitted the complaint or grievance at or before the end of the time period and shall discuss the conclusions and actions to be taken as a result of the investigation.  Confidentiality of records and student information shall be observed in the process of making such a report.
  • The investigator shall prepare a written report of the findings and a copy of the report shall be provided to the principal and/or the Superintendent as circumstances warrant.
  • A confidential record of each complaint and grievance made pursuant to Policy 10.33 shall be maintained at the District office.  The record shall include a copy of the complaint or grievance filed by a student, findings of the investigation and the disposition of the matter.
  • Unless a determination has been made by the appropriate investigating official that the reported incident actually occurred, the record shall not be used for the imposition of discipline.

Where disciplinary action is necessary, District policies shall be followed.

When District officials have a reasonable belief or an investigation reveals that a reported incident may constitute an unlawful act, law enforcement authorities will be informed.