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10.37.P.1 Student Fund - Raising Activities

Section 10.37 - Policy


The following procedures are instituted for the approval of fundraising activities:

Extracurricular Activities and Fieldtrips

All fundraising is done on behalf of the club/extracurricular activity/field trip and will benefit the club/extracurricular activity/field trip as a whole and not be attributed to any one participant. Consequently, there is no minimum sales requirement for participants. The expectation of a monetary contribution from students, for student travel, will not exceed the Board adopted fee as approved per the official Board fee schedule. If a student has an extenuating circumstance and cannot meet the monetary expectation, the teacher/staff member should bring this to the attention of the school site administration, who has authority to waive all or part of the fee if it creates an economic hardship for the student.

School and Club Fundraisers

Individual fundraising by teachers/staff members from classrooms or other school areas is not acceptable. When the fundraising activity is connected with specific school activities, the following shall apply: 
  • All fundraisers must have prior approval from the Student Council and the Principal. The completed Student Club Fundraising/Activity Form must be submitted to the Principal and Student Council prior to the start of any fundraising activity. 
  • Student activities monies are derived from a variety of sources:  dues, concessions, ticket sales, yearbooks, and fundraising events approved by the Principal/Student Council. 
  • A Student Club may NOT hold a raffle, drawing, lottery or similar event. 
  • A Student Club may participate in a joint fundraising project with an outside group such as a parent support organization if the Principal and Student Council have approved the project. The proceeds should be allocated proportionately between the two organizations based on the level of effort devoted by each group to the project.
  • It is the practice of the District to limit the sale of competitive food items, including candy, on its campuses, and to encourage students to utilize the school cafeteria(s).
  • The following guidelines shall apply for the sale of food items: 
    • The decision concerning the sale of candy and other food items; i.e. cookies, brownies, etc., shall be left to the discretion of the Principal at each individual campus. 
    • However, if food sales are allowed, no competitive food items shall be sold during the breakfast and lunch hours. 
    • Food sold should be commercially regulated or its preparation properly supervised.  The District does not approve the sale of food items made at home. 
    • All student food sales shall receive prior approval from the Student Council.