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10.38.P.1 Student Activities Funds

Section 10.38 - Policy


Student activities at school are a vital part of the total educational program and, therefore, should be viewed as a means for developing wholesome attitudes and good human relations, as well as knowledge and skills.  Further, it is recognized that the greatest values to be derived from both curricular and extracurricular student school activities occur when such activities are developed and encouraged through participation among, or the knowledge of, the student body, interested members of the community, and the school staff.

The principal of each campus shall monitor the financial activities of the student body to ensure that fund raising complies with District guidelines and is in accordance with the provisions of A.R.S. Title XV.

All monies collected shall be deposited in the proper associated student activities account.

Each fund-raising endeavor shall have a stated and approved purpose.  The purpose must be so clearly outlined as to benefit the student body as a whole.  Those activities meeting Governing Board approval include the following:
  • Yearbook sales
  • Food and/or candy sales
  • School photograph sales
  • Coupon sales
  • Catalog and/or card sales
  • Holiday gift sales
  • Flower sales
  • Balloon sales
  • Dues
  • Ticket sales (dances, special events, et cetera)
  • Car washes
  • Concessions
  • Sales on items from the school store
  • Sales of school spirit items
  • Rummage sale
  • Fund-raising events for the community as approved by the Superintendent

Reserves shall be limited to amounts estimated as necessary for the beginning of the subsequent year's operation.  Expenditures may not be drawn against an account that does not have an operating balance.

Each expenditure made from the student council/club account shall be based on a properly completed requisition form signed by the appropriate officer of the student organization, student council/club sponsor and the principal as the student activities fund administrator, proper meeting minutes clearly stating the purpose of the purchase and sign-in sheet.  Prior to issuance of a purchase order, verification is made through the District's financial system as to the club's cash balance.  Cash must be available in the account.  Under certain circumstances, an advance to a club may be authorized and should be transacted through the student council organization.

An annual audit of the student activities fund shall be performed, with payment for the audit being made by the District.  Interest earned on investments shall be allocated to the student activities Student Council funds on an equitable basis.

Administration  of  Student  Activities  Money

The District administrative office shall deposit student activities monies in the appropriate account established for each school and/or club.

Disbursement from the student activities accounts shall be by check, signed by two (2) persons as authorized by the Governing Board or by electronic payment.

Accounts showing the balances due the respective organizations shall be kept by the District office student accounts treasurer/assistant treasurer and shall be open to inspection by officers of the student council/club concerned.

Records  of  Deposits  and  Expenditures
The student activities treasurer/assistant treasurer shall maintain an accurate, detailed record of all deposits in and expenditures from the student activities fund.  Copies of the record shall be presented to the Board not less than once during each calendar month.

Monies received by the student council/club must be deposited intact weekly, and preferably daily.

A bank reconciliation must be prepared monthly by an employee who is not responsible for handling cash or issuing checks.

Student activities fund monies may be invested and reinvested.