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10.41.P.1 Extracurricular Activity Eligibility

Section 10.41 - Policy

Dysart Unified School District recognizes that a variety of school sponsored student activities enrich a student’s academic program. Participation in student extracurricular activities is encouraged to aid in the development of well-rounded personalities, with special emphasis on social, emotional, and physical fitness.  

Procedures for eligibility in extracurricular activities will be reviewed annually by a representative committee of parents and teachers.  Recommended revisions to procedures will be submitted to the Governing Board during a public meeting with opportunity for public comment.

Parents and students will be made aware of academic requirements to obtain or sustain eligibility to participate in extracurricular activities through coaches/sponsors meetings, written handbooks and the school website.   Parents and students will receive academic information through the District’s progress reports and quarterly report cards. A “Preliminary Written Notice of Pending Ineligibility” as well as a “Written Notice of Ineligibility” will be used to notify students and parents of eligibility status. Coaches and sponsors will also give verbal notification to their respective students when a status of ineligibility has been determined. 

Academic Eligibility 

The District requires all students who participate in extracurricular activities to maintain passing marks in all subjects on a cumulative basis. School administration will review a bimonthly academic report for determining that the standards set forth in Governing Board policy are being met. 
  • The eligibility criterion for extracurricular participation shall be a passing grade in all classes in which the student is enrolled, and the student shall maintain progress toward promotion.
  • Ineligibility will be determined at the conclusion of each two week reporting period, and any change in eligibility status will occur on the first official day following the last day of the previous eligibility period. 
  • Parents and students will be notified of ineligibility by mail, phone, e-mail or in person. Students will also be notified in person by the coach or sponsor. During a conference with the teacher, the coach/sponsor will review with the student the options for remediation available to the student in order to clear all academic deficiencies and regain eligibility status. 
  • Immediately following any grading interval in which a student is determined to be academically ineligible, a period of ineligibility will be imposed and will last until all scholarship grades are restored to passing on a cumulative basis unless the student is ineligible for some reason other than academic performance. 
  • If a student becomes ineligible, it will be the responsibility of the student and coach to make arrangements with the classroom teacher involved to obtain additional help to aid in reestablishing eligibility.
  • Coaches may run study tables during their season to aid students to stay or regain eligibility. 
  • Students whose behavior presents a problem or jeopardizes school discipline may be ineligible for participation in extracurricular activities until such time as their behavior warrants reinstatement. 
  • School administration will arrange for notification of the student and parents of any pending and actual ineligibility in a manner so as to protect the privacy of each student. 

Elementary School Eligibility Procedures 

Before being allowed to participate in practice or athletic contests or other activities, every student must be determined to be eligible. 

High School Eligibility Procedures 
  • Each student will be required to receive a passing grade in all classes. 
  • Student not meeting the grade requirement will become ineligible immediately and remain ineligible until their grades have met the eligibility requirements. Grades will be monitored every two weeks. 
  • A pending and a failure list will be sent out every two weeks. The pending and failing lists will be put in the teacher’s mailboxes during the week of the grade checks. If a student is still failing during the second grade check and was pending they will be put on the failing list. If the student was not put on the pending list, they will not be put on the failing list. 
  • If the student is passing, the teacher will sign and return the form to the Athletic Director’s or supervising staff member’s office. 
  • The grade check forms must be returned to the Athletic Director’s office or supervising staff member’s office no later than 12:30 p.m. the Thursday of the same week. 
  • Before being allowed to participate in practice, athletic contests, or other activity, every student must be determined to be eligible through the Athletic Director or the supervising staff member. 
  • When the following information is in the Athletic Director’s or supervising staff member’s office, the student will be issued an eligibility sheet. That sheet will then be sent to the head coach in that sport or the head supervising staff member in the activity and the student will be allowed to begin practice or to begin to participate.
  • Failure to raise a failing grade twice in the same class during the same season will result in the removal from that season’s athletic team or from the student activity. 
  • A student who becomes ineligible at the end of any grading interval will be permitted to participate in practice sessions but may not participate in team or group competition or performance. 
  • The student may attend club meetings but may not participate in any organized activity or business discussions and may not maintain voting privileges until having met eligibility requirements.