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10.44.P.1 Student Suspension

Section 10.44 - Policy


Hearing Officer Responsibilities
Role  Description  for  the  Hearing  Officer

The hearing officer plays a vital role in student disciplinary actions.  This procedure describes the role the hearing officer plays in assisting the student and the District in obtaining fair and impartial decisions or recommendations.

Administration  Recommends Long  Suspension

In this context the hearing officer is a decision maker.  A student disciplinary matter is referred to a hearing officer if:
  • the administrator has reviewed the facts, provided the student/parent the opportunity to discuss the situation and then determined that good cause exists for long suspension in keeping with the disciplinary handbook adopted by the Board.
  • the student/parent has made a direct request for a formal hearing.
  • a long suspension is stipulated by the adopted discipline handbook.

The hearing officer's duties are:
  • to determine if the alleged violation(s) of established rules occurred.
  • to make certain the student has been afforded due process.
  • to determine if good cause exists for long suspension.
  • to make a recommendation based on the adopted discipline handbook.

If the hearing officer determines the alleged violation(s) of established rules occurred, but that a long suspension is not appropriate, the hearing officer may impose a lesser disciplinary action.  If the hearing officer finds the alleged violation(s) occurred and a long suspension is appropriate, a written decision supporting the administration's recommendation, in accordance with the disciplinary handbook, shall be prepared.

In all of the above situations the hearing officer's written decision is final unless an appeal is filed with the Governing Board by the student/parent or administration.  The Governing Board is the ultimate authority in the District and is not bound to affirm the hearing officer's decision.