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10.58.P.1 Student Dismissal Precautions

Section 10.58 - Policy


Student Release Requirements

At the time of school admission, the Principal must complete the student's permanent record form, which will identify the student's legal name and the name, address, and telephone number of the student's lawful custodian(s).

Before releasing a student during the school day, the Principal shall be responsible for the verification of the identity of any lawful custodian or any representative seeking release of a student.

If a lawful custodian, as indicated on the student's permanent record, is not recognized by sight, the principal shall require satisfactory identification before such release.  If there is a doubt, release may not be granted.

In the case of a written or verbal authorization by a lawful custodian of record, the principal shall require satisfactory verification of the message as being from the lawful custodian of record.  If there is a doubt, release may not be granted.

If an unauthorized person refuses to honor the decision of the Principal, the Principal shall call the local police authority.

If, in the granting of a release of a student, a change in the record of the student's lawful custodian(s) becomes apparent and is verified to the satisfaction of the Principal, such change shall immediately be entered on the student's permanent record.

If any police or court official requests the release of a student during school hours, parents should be notified as soon as possible.

Students must always be signed out through the school office prior to leaving campus. Failure to do so will be a violation of the District’s disciplinary procedures as the student will have left the campus without authorization. 

For elementary students, the parent/guardian or other emergency card-approved person must appear in the office to sign the student out and must provide an appropriate photo ID. 

High school students must check out through the office prior to leaving campus and have verbal approval from the parent/guardian that is confirmed through the office. The attendance clerk or other office staff member shall validate the request as deemed appropriate.


The District shall adhere to all court orders regarding the custody of students.  Typically, courts adjudicating custody of students will define the parental rights applicable to each situation. If a court order limits the right of one parent in custody matters, a copy of that order must be on file in the school office. Unless there is a court order stating otherwise, a non-custodial parent typically has the right to review student records, meet with teachers, visit the child on campus and, with identification, check the child out of school as defined by the parameters of the applicable court order. 

There may some circumstances when parental rights have been severed; District Student Services department should be contacted regarding unique circumstances.  If the court has appointed an individual as a legal guardian, a copy of that order must be on file in the school office.


If a student is ill, the following procedure should be followed: 
  1. The parent/guardian/emergency contact person shall immediately be contacted. 
  2. If no contact can be made, the nurse shall supervise the student until adult contact can be made. Cases of potentially contagious illnesses should be isolated. 
  3. At no time should a sick student be taken or sent to an empty home. 
  4. At the end of the regular school day if no contact with a parent/guardian/emergency contact person has been made, the building administrator will be notified to render a decision regarding what to do with the child. 
  5. All attempts to reach the parent should be documented. 

Under no circumstances should a student be released to walk home during the regular school day. Parents/Guardians must make alternative arrangements. All requests from a parent/guardian to have the child released from school to walk home should be addressed directly by a school administrator.