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10.59.P.1 Student Automobile Use and Parking



Students will register their vehicles if they intend to drive to school.  The registration will require that the owner of the vehicle sign the forms and acknowledgments.  Registration stickers will be affixed to the vehicles in a manner specified by the school administration.  Students who fail to register their vehicles or who fail to follow school policy and procedures related to use of vehicles may have their vehicles towed away.  Any expense related to such towing will be the responsibility of the student.  The authorizing school personnel will notify the law enforcement agency of the jurisdiction of the school within one (1) hour of the time the vehicle is moved or towed.

Automobile  Searches

Students are permitted to park on school premises as a matter of privilege, not of right.  The school retains authority to conduct routine patrols of student parking lots and inspections of the exteriors of student automobiles on school property.  The interiors of student vehicles may be inspected whenever a school authority has reason to believe that illegal or unauthorized materials may be contained inside.  Such patrols and inspections may be conducted without notice, without student consent, and without a search warrant.

Seizure  of  Illegal  Materials

If a properly conducted search yields illegal or contraband materials, such findings shall be turned over to proper legal authorities for ultimate disposition.