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10.60.P.1 Sex Offender Notification

Section 10.60 - Policy


Sex Offender and Dangerous Juvenile Offender
Notification and Protective Measures

To fulfill the requirements of Policy Section 10.60 the following procedures are to be implemented.

Registered  Sex  Offender 
Community  Notification

When the local law enforcement agency notifies the District pursuant to A.R.S. §13-3825 and §13-3826 of a registered sex offender's presence in the community, the District administration shall distribute the notice to all schools regardless of the city or zip code where the offender resides.  Notification flyers provided by the law enforcement agency display the offender’s photograph and disclose the offender’s exact address, status summary and criminal background to nearby schools and departments.  The District may employ the following procedures with respect to notification:
  • Schools typically have a sign that says “Sex Offender Notices” that is posted on a bulletin board or wall in the front lobby area.  Immediately below that sign on the counter or on a table should be a very large binder with a cover sheet that says, “Sex Offender Notices.” All Sex Offender Notices should be included in the binder regardless of school boundaries. 
  • There are no statutory guidelines for how long to post notices. The district office of Student Services will periodically run a check of the website and verify whether or not the offender still lives in the district. 
  • The notices should be available to be shared with anyone who is responsible for students outside of the school day.
  • When the registered sex offender described in the notice is also a student within the District, then the statutes pertaining to juvenile (youthful) dangerous offenders and sex offenders shall also be followed, except that the restrictions against disclosure of information shall not apply to the information obtained in the community notification received from the local law enforcement agency.
Students, staff members, and parents/guardians are advised that listings of sex offenders in the area are available at the Arizona Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Infocenter, and at the United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Registry, as well as various other websites.

District  Restrictions  on  Registered  
Sex  Offenders

An adult registered sex offender may not be present on school property, including school buildings, grounds, and vehicles, except when:
  • The offender is the parent or guardian of a student attending the school and the offender is:
    • Attending a conference with school personnel to discuss the academic or social progress of the offender's child; or
    • Participating in child review conferences in which special education evaluation and placement decisions may be made with respect to the offender's child; or
    • Attending conferences to discuss other issues relating to the offender's child, such as student discipline, retention or promotion; or
    • The offender has obtained prior written permission from the Superintendent.

When a registered sex offender is present on school property under any of the circumstances described above, the offender must comply with the following requirements:
  • Notify the principal's office immediately upon arrival on school property;
  • Remain at all times under the direct supervision of the Principal or a person designated by the Principal; and
  • Notify the principal's office when the offender is departing from school property.

A staff member who observes a person or a situation that leads the staff member to a reasonable belief that the person may be a sex offender, or that a sexual assault or abuse might occur, is to promptly notify a school official of his or her belief and to comply with all requisite reporting obligations.  The staff member is not to confront a suspected abuser; investigation and determination is to be left to proper authorities.

When the individual under suspicion is a student in the District, the Superintendent may, pursuant to A.R.S. 8-350, request from the juvenile court the criminal history of the student to determine if the student has been adjudicated delinquent for or convicted of a dangerous offense or a violation of A.R.S. 13-1405, 13-1406, 13-1410, or 13-1417.  If the criminal history provided by the court shows such an adjudication or conviction, then the District shall implement the procedures outlined below for juvenile (youthful) dangerous offenders and sex offenders.

Juvenile  (Youthful)  Dangerous 
Offenders  and  Sex  Offenders

When the District is notified by a juvenile court pursuant to A.R.S. 8-350 that a student attending a school in the District has been adjudicated delinquent for or convicted of and placed on probation for a dangerous offense or sexual conduct with a minor, sexual assault, molestation of a child, or continual sexual abuse of a child, the Superintendent shall promptly notify the principal of the school where the student is in membership.  The District administration may take additional steps and notify additional personnel as necessary to address the needs of all students.