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10.61.P.1 Student Donations and Gifts

Section 10.61 - Policy


Parents and students with a sincere wish to honor or express appreciation to their teachers, administrators, and other school personnel want to give gifts or solicit donations in order to purchase gifts for school employees. Persons inclined to show appreciation to district personnel are encouraged to show that appreciation through letters or notes to the individual, or individual’s superiors regarding the individual, or to make gifts to the donor’s choice in the name of the individual to be honored. In order to ensure that gifts given by students or their parents to staff members do not influence the ability of district employees to treat students equitably, principals and teachers should advise their classes and parents that gifts to school personnel are not expected.  The following guidelines will apply to student and parent gifts to school personnel:
  • Staff members may accept gifts of a modest value from students or parents or school support organizations.
  • If the class, or any part thereof, makes a joint gift to a staff member, the gift must be of a modest value per student.

Gifts from Students to Students

Gifts from groups of students to other student(s) will be limited to small expressions of condolence, remembrance, or appreciation with negligible monetary value.


NOTE: These procedures do not apply to site-purchased textbooks (class copies) or novels. 

Board Policy states students shall pay for lost or damaged District-provided instructional materials. Cost of replacement is maintained in the Board-Adopted Textbook and Supplementals list. Dysart Unified School District textbooks and library books are inventoried once a year to maintain an accurate record of textbook availability.   Inventories must be finished and a report indicating the unaccounted for copies submitted to site administrators within one week of students’ last day of school.  

Collecting Fines 

The designated school personnel will complete the Lost or Damaged Textbook Fees form, give a copy to the parent/guardian, keep a copy for the school records, and provide a copy to the site staff who will receive payment. The school is required to maintain this form as proof that recovery cost was attempted. Additionally, the textbook will be coded as “lost” in the inventory system and assigned a fine. 

Upon receiving proof of payment of the fine, payment will be noted in the inventory system. The student should make the payment to the site personnel responsible for receiving monies at the school (secretary, bookstore manager, etc.). The student is to be issued a receipt upon payment of the fine. The payment is to be deposited into the central account. 

Board-adopted textbooks that have been paid for in full by a student become the property of the student and shall not be part of the campus inventory. Once the fine has been paid, a copy of the Lost or Damaged Textbook Fees form and a copy of the receipt must be sent to the district Fixed Assets Department. If multiple fines are deposited together, there should be a clear breakdown of all fines deposited, and all associated paperwork (copies of “Lost or Damaged Textbook Fees” form and receipt) should be sent together.

Textbook fine payments for the cost of replacing an entire book (not repair costs) are to be deposited into the central account.  These funds will be used on instructional materials as required by law.