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11.11.P.1 Public Concerns / Complaints About Personnel


Required  Information

The following information concerning a complaint is required:
  • The name(s) of the person(s) making the complaint.
  • Whether the person(s) making the complaint represents an individual or a group.  If a group is represented, information shall be provided about the nature of the group and the manner in which the group has reviewed and taken a position on the matter.
  • Whether the person(s) making the complaint has discussed the problem with the employee in question.
  • A summary of the complaint(s) and of the above three (3) items.

Processing  of  Complaint(s)  Following  
Written  Summation

The complaint shall be presented to the employee toward whom it is directed, together with a suggested solution, personally and in writing, by the person(s) filing the complaint.  It is the responsibility of the employee's supervisor to keep the Superintendent informed as the matter is reviewed at the various administrative levels.

The employee will have a minimum of five (5) working days in which to reply to the complaint at each administrative level at which the matter is reviewed.

If the complaint is not resolved between the originator of the complaint and the employee, either party may request that the complaint be reviewed by the employee's supervisor.  Any person filing a complaint can present any relevant evidence or witnesses to the employee’s supervisor and the employee’s supervisor will consider this evidence. The employee’s supervisor shall have five (5) working days to respond to the complaint.  A written response shall be submitted to both parties.

Either party may appeal the response of the employee’s supervisor to the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee.  The Superintendent shall have five (5) working days to respond to the complaint. A written response shall be submitted to both parties. The Superintendent shall be the final administrative level.

Following the decision of the Superintendent, either party may refer the complaint to the Board within ten (10) working days following the Superintendent's decision by filing a written request for review.

The Board and/or the supervising administrator shall consider all facts and provide the employee with all elements of due process in reaching a decision.  If the investigation and evidence warrants, the District may impose discipline under Policy Section 7.46 or 7.64, as applicable.  The District may recommend a reprimand, suspension without pay, dismissal, or impose other appropriate discipline.

District personnel participating in an investigation or resolution of a complaint filed under this procedure shall maintain confidentiality to extent permitted by law. If any individual assigned to participate in reviewing a complaint has a conflict of interest, another individual shall be assigned.