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11.20.P.1 Distribution / Posting of Promotional Materials
Flyers that are passed out in class and sent home with students are those that originate from the Dysart Unified School District or are directly related to the district such as Community Education programs, Parent Organization Groups or Dysart Education Foundation.

All non-district flyers require approval from the Communications and Public Relations Department. A list of approved flyers, which is updated regularly, can be found online.

Flyers from non-profit, youth-centered organizations are available to students and parents at a designated location in the front office of each school. Students are reminded of the type of flyers available in the office in general terms via the announcements or school newsletters.

Flyers must contain the disclaimer, “This is not a school-sponsored event.” 

Groups that do not hold current non-profit status from the IRS (501(c)(3) or other) or are not youth-centered shall not be distributed or made available on campus.

Groups are asked to provide no more than 100 flyers to each school.

For more information or to have a flyer approved contact, (623) 876-7195.