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12.1.P.1 Relations with Education Research Agencies
In order to assure that the District cooperates with recognized research agencies to promote useful research, that compliance with all statutory requirements is maintained, and students are assured of data security, the following approval and participation process shall be followed:
  • Research proposals shall be submitted to the District Department of Research and Achievement for review.
  • The Department of Research and Achievement will submit recommendations for approval of research proposals to the Superintendent’s cabinet.
  • When a proposal is approved, the Department of Research and Achievement will be responsible for coordination and oversight of the research, including compliance with the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) and other standards for conducting human subject research.
Proposal Application Requirements
  • Research should have potential benefit for students.
  • Results should be available to the District.
  • Student data with potential privacy invasion must have advance authorization of parents or guardians.
  • Research should not interrupt instructional activities.
  • Student research must have faculty approval and supervision.
  • Proposals must include explicit language regarding what data is to be collected and for what purpose.
  • Agreement to participate with education research agencies must restrict use of data to the proposing agency and prohibit sharing with any other third party without the express consent of the District.

Procedures to Protect Privacy
  • District policies regarding these rights and procedures to protect these rights will be communicated to parents and eligible students at the start of each school year and after any substantive changes.
  • The PPRA provides certain rights to parents and students or emancipated minors regarding the administration of surveys, collection and use of information for marketing purposes, and certain physical exams.
  • The District Department of Research and Achievement will assure that researchers communicate and obtain informed consent concerning the following areas of PPRA rights before students are asked to complete a related survey or other form of data collection:
    • Political affiliations or beliefs of the student or student’s parent.
    • Mental or psychological problems of the student or student’s family.
    • Sex behavior or attitudes.
    • Illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating or demeaning behavior.
    • Critical appraisals of others with whom respondents have close family relationships.
    • Legally recognized privileged relationships such as lawyers, doctors, or ministers.
    • Religious practices, affiliations, or beliefs of the student or parents.
    • Income other than as required by law to determine program eligibility.
  • The District Department of Research and Achievement will provide notice and opportunity for parents/guardians/emancipated students to opt a student out of:
    • Any other protected information survey, regardless of funding.
    • Any non-emergency, invasive physical exam or screening required as a condition of attendance, administered by the school or its agent, and not necessary to protect the immediate health and safety of a student, except for hearing, vision, or scoliosis screenings, or any physical exam or screening permitted or required under state law; and
    • Activities involving collection, disclosure, or use of personal information obtained from students for marketing or to sell or otherwise distribute the information to others.
  • The District Department of Research and Achievement will receive/inspect upon request and before administration or use:
    • Protected information surveys of students.
    • Instruments used to collect personal information from students for any of the above marketing, sales, or other distribution purposes.
    • Instructional material used as part of the educational curriculum.

Parents/eligible students who believe their rights have been violated may file a complaint with:
Family Policy Compliance Office
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202-4605