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12.3.P.1 Student Teaching and Internships

Section 12.3 - Policy


Dysart Unified School District encourages and supports partnerships with state universities in an initiative to provide sources of learning in lesson planning, instruction and classroom management techniques hosted by District mentor teachers to university or college students.

  • The Human Relations Department shall be responsible for maintaining a log of eligible mentor teachers and students. 
  • The District shall present a university/college agreement to the governing board prior to placement requests.
  • Students fulfilling education requirements shall complete the time during non-compensable time.
  • The Human Relations Department shall comply with the approved agreement with each university/college to provide services when available to students.  
  • Requests may include, but are not limited to, student teaching placement, observation or practicum hours, field experience and internships. 
  • The District reserves the right to assign placement in the site and Districts best interest.
  • The District reserves the right to refuse or remove a student teacher from current and future assignments.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • A representative from Human Relations will request mentor teachers from site principals no less than once per school year.
  • It is desirable that mentor teachers are continuing District teachers with at least three (3) or more years of teaching experience.  Mentor teachers must have a current effective teacher evaluation rating. Additionally, the mentor teacher may be required to meet the requirements of the university/college student placement requests (i.e., evaluations of student, surveys, etc.). 
  • Administration shall approve mentor teacher candidates before student placements.
  • The Human Relations Department shall receive university/college requests for assignment from the designated university/college liaison.  Requests shall include: the student name, university/college, type of request (i.e. practicum, observation, etc.), specific hours or program requirements and a copy of a valid Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) Level 1 or IVP fingerprint clearance card.  Additionally, some placements may require additional documentation of the student to comply with federal and state regulations.  
  • The Human Relations Department shall review the current status of the student’s fingerprint clearance card, record results and maintain a copy in a secured location during the corresponding school year.
  • If a student is a District employee, position expectations and responsibilities of the position must be satisfied. If an employee’s schedule or duties of the position cannot be maintained, employee may request an unpaid leave of absence pursuant to Policy 7.28.
  • Human Relations will work with site administrators to establish and provide oversight for student teaching and internship assignments.