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4.12.P.1 Authorized Signatures


Section 4.12 - Policy

Authorized Check Signers

At least two (2) authorized signatures for all checks written from the district bank accounts are required.  Positions approved as signers on the checks from district bank accounts are limited to:

Assistant Superintendent for Business Services
Director of Finance
Administrative Assistant of Business Services
Payroll and Benefits Manager (only non-payroll accounts)

Financial systems generated (accounts payable and payroll) checks that are processed against the Maricopa County bank account are required to have two (2) signatures, the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services and the Governing Board President.  As the Official Student Activities Treasurer, the Assistant Superintendent for Business Services is authorized to sign the Student Activity checks.

The District shall annually designate authorized signators for written agreements, contracts, purchase orders, property control and warrants/checks/electronic payments.