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4.6.P.1 Funding Sources Outside the School System

Section 4.6 - Policy


Funding Sources Outside the School System

The Governing Board may receive, hold, and dispose of any gift, grant, or bequest of property or equipment in accordance with state law and the intent of the instrument conferring title.

The Governing Board may also accept gifts, grants or devises of money.  The disposition of unused funds from these sources shall be in accordance with law.

Vocational Activity Income

Through certain vocational activities, students may provide goods and services at a charge to the public.  These activities are designed for educational purposes not to make a profit or to be competitive with business in the community.

The charges for work performed and goods sold through these activities will be kept current with costs for the particular service or item offered for sale.

Authorized Signers for Contracts and Property Control

The Superintendent shall annually submit for Board approval a Resolution naming authorized signers for written agreements, contracts, purchase orders and property control.