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5.15.P.1 Walkers and Riders

Section 5.15 – Policy

Designated School Crossings (Safe Walking Routes) on highways and streets must be authorized by the jurisdiction having authority over the roads and streets where crosswalks are to be established.

All necessary approvals will be obtained by the district and any requirements established by the authority with jurisdiction for the streets and roadways will be fulfilled prior to the implementation of a designated Safe Walking Route.

The District shall submit a written request to the appropriate local authority requesting review and approval for all new school designated crosswalks.  The authority will review these applications against specific criteria they identify such as the Arizona Department of Transportation Traffic Safety for School Area Guidelines.

Use of newly designated school crosswalks will only begin after all conditions included in the approved jurisdictions have been met.  These conditions may include stripping, lighting, and the requirement for crossing guard(s) at the approved crosswalks.

Students living outside of their attending school's boundary (open enrolled) shall not be provided designated school crossings outside of a school's attendance boundary. All crossing guards are instructed to cross all pedestrians while on duty.