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5.23.P.1 Business and Personnel Transportation Services

Section 5.23 - Policy


District Travel Policy

Motor  Pool  Assignment
All District-owned vehicles will be kept in the motor pool when not in use for official travel.  Assigned vehicles will be checked out of the motor pool just prior to official travel and returned to the aforementioned location after the approved travel has been completed.  Keys to vehicles will be obtained from and returned to the transportation supervisor and/or designee.

Night  Storage
District vehicles will remain in the motor pool every night unless approval has been granted, in writing, for an overnight trip.  Provisions may be made for early-departure trips by arranging for vehicle keys on the preceding afternoon.

The assignment of vehicles for overnight use by employees who are on 24-hour call and whose job responsibilities require the use of District vehicles is subject to approval by the Superintendent.  Such vehicles are to be used only for official school business.  This authorization includes travel to and from the employee's residence.

Use  Records
Adequate records will be maintained by the transportation supervisor or designee as required.  Late arrivals will be accommodated by providing the employee a gate key in order to gain access to the motor pool.

Official  Travel
Attendance at meetings, conferences, or workshops by employees of the District can provide improvement of the service that such employees are expected to perform.  Each District employee’s or Governing Board member’s insurance coverage is primary coverage and the District’s insurance coverage is secondary. Each district employee or Governing Board member authorized to use a private vehicle for District purposes must maintain mandatory insurance coverage as required by applicable State laws and regulations, primarily issued by Arizona Department of Transportation and upon request provide proof of insurance coverage to the district.

Staff employees.  An employee may be authorized by the Superintendent to represent the school system at a local educational meeting or conference designed to improve the services rendered by such employee.  Out-of-state travel must be approved by the Governing Board.

Student trips.  Student travel for educational purposes may be authorized in advance by the Superintendent.  For this purpose, parental permission must be obtained prior to the time the trip is taken.

Method of travel.  Authorization will be restricted to the method that is the least expensive and appropriate to achieve the objectives of the District.

Payment for official travel.  Reimbursement will be made for official travel, necessary lodging, and meals.  Reimbursement amounts shall not exceed the maximum amounts established pursuant to A.R.S. 38-624(C).  Completion of a travel claim form will be required.

Monthly requests and reports.  All requests for employee travel will be submitted, on the proper form, to the Superintendent by the principal and/or supervisor at the earliest possible date in the school year.