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5.3.P.1 Student Accidents


Employees are to report to the office any accident involving a student who is at school.

For any student who is injured while in or on school property, while attending a district approved event or function, a student incident/accident report form is to be completed by an employee who is at the scene or by the employee who was supervising the student.  The employee should report the incident/accident to the school principal/administrator and the information should also be provided to the school nurse or health services assistant or other reporter for completion of the online student incident/accident report form.

A student who is ill should be sent to the office, with an appropriate pass.  If a student is sent home (only with parent knowledge), the teacher will be notified.  Students are discharged to go home only from the office.

Any special health concern should be reported to the office.

A written report of an incident/accident shall be made by the school principal to the Superintendent following the incident.  The district's liability carrier shall be notified as deemed appropriate.