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5.35.P.1 Data / Records Retention

Section 5.35 - Policy


Records Management Program

Records shall be prepared and managed as outlined below.

Business  and  Financial  Records
Management of the following records is the responsibility of the business manager:
  • Annual District budget.
  • Audit reports.
  • Financial statements.
  • Capital levy plan.
  • Bids.
  • Contracts (except employment).
  • Deeds.
  • Leases/lease purchases.
  • Inventory (history records of general fixed assets).
  • Records identified in the Uniform System of Financial Records.

Other  District  Records
The current year's records will be kept in the District administration office.  When practical to do so, but no later than during the second immediate past year, all records will be grouped, bundled together, and labeled, with the disposal date noted on the label.  Retention periods noted will refer to the number of years after the end of the fiscal year in which the records were made or superseded, as specified in the latest Records Retention and Disposition for Arizona School Districts.

All other records shall be managed so as to be in compliance with the requirements of the Records Management Division of the Department of Library, Archives, and Public Records.