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5.4.P.2 Emergency Drills
Emergency drills will be scheduled and conducted each month during the school year.  The purpose of practicing a drill is to assist students, under staff direction, to become familiar with the expectations of each emergency response.  Depending on the incident, the school may initiate an evacuation, lockdown, modified lockdown or shelter in place.

Evacuation routes will be posted in each room.  These routes will indicate the primary and alternate exits and the evacuation area to which the student should proceed upon leaving the building.  Within the first two weeks of the school year, rules for emergency evacuation will be discussed with each class and a fire drill will be held.

Fire drills or a verbal evacuation will be held monthly.  Lockdown drills will be held quarterly and shelter in place drills will be held twice annually.  It is each student's responsibility to follow staff direction during drills quickly, quietly and in an orderly manner.  All drills will be documented by the school.