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5.4.P.3 First Aid
First Aid
  If a student is injured or becomes ill during the school day or while attending a school-sponsored activity, it is the responsibility of any staff member present to render assistance and to summon aid.  

First aid procedures shall be based on the following fundamental concepts:
  • The school is responsible for the emergency handling of accidents and sudden illness occurring at school or on school property.  The school is not responsible for subsequent treatment.
  • At the time of an emergency, the school has the responsibility for:
    • Caring for the student.
    • Notifying the student's parents or guardian, or, if these cannot be reached, following directions given on the student's enrollment card.
    • In extreme cases, getting the student under professional care with or without family permission.
  • In the absence of family transportation or ambulance service, an authorized District employee, with written authorization from the Superintendent, may have to take the sick or injured student home, to the physician's office, or to the hospital.  A sick or injured student should be accompanied from the school by an adult.  If the destination is the student's home, the adult shall have ascertained that a responsible person is at home to assume responsibility. (Refer to Section 5.22. – Student Transportation in Private Vehicles.)
  • In case of any serious injury or illness, the parent or responsible person should always be notified as soon as possible.  Emergency care of the student has priority.
  • Medication administered by any school personnel shall be in compliance with Policy Section 10.52 – Administering Medicines to Students
  • A written report of an accident shall be made by the school principal to the Superintendent not later than noon of the school day following the incident.