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5.6.P.1 Security

Section 5.6 – Policy


Access to school buildings and grounds will be established by the Superintendent in accordance with the following:
  • Unlimited access – Superintendent, all Cabinet members, and maintenance supervisor.
  • Limited access - building principals, assistant principals, teachers, custodians to their assigned buildings, and extracurricular sponsors, and supervisors for their respective areas or activities.

Possession of keys shall be in accordance with the following principles:
  • A log of key assignments shall be maintained by the office of the Superintendent or other designated office.
  • Unassigned duplicate keys shall be maintained in a safe or a secured box.
  • Individuals assigned keys may not duplicate or loan them.
  • All keys must be surrendered when no longer needed or upon request by the Superintendent.
  • The loss of a key must be reported to the Superintendent upon discovery of the loss, and the employee may be required to pay for rekeying or replacing all affected locks.
  • Use of keys for unauthorized purposes will be cause for surrender of keys.  Employees will be subject to discipline and/or dismissal for unauthorized use of keys.
  • A set of master keys and/or duplicates of keys shall be kept in the custody of the Maintenance and Facilities Department.
  • The employee will sign a receipt for keys assigned.  The receipt will list the applicable rules.

Any person who, for oneself or for another, misuses a key to any building or other area owned, operated, or controlled by the District without authorization from the Governing Board/Superintendent is guilty of a Class 3 misdemeanor.  Misuse of such a key, in this regard, includes:
  • Manufacturing or causing the manufacture of a District key.
  • Duplicating or causing the duplication of a District key.
  • Possessing a District key.
  • Using a District key.
  • Permitting the use of a District key by anyone other than a district employee.

Employees who are in violation of the above are subject to disciplinary action