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7.14.P.1 Workers’ Compensation

Section 7.14 - Policy


Any employee who has an accident, no matter how slight, while on duty shall notify the supervisor immediately.  Failure to follow this procedure could result in the loss of workers' compensation benefits.

After being notified by an employee, the supervisor shall complete and submit the Report of Industrial Injury to the District office.

The Superintendent, upon receiving the supervisor's report, shall, within ten (10) days after notification, submit the Report of Industrial Injury to the insurance carrier.

Compensation  Claims

When a job-related injury/accident requires medical attention and absence from the workplace, the following conditions shall apply:
  • The physician will be responsible for reporting the circumstances of the injury to the District, the Industrial Commission, and the District's insurance carrier.
  • During the first seven (7) days of absence due to a job-related injury/accident, the employee will be placed on sick leave, provided the employee has accumulated sufficient sick leave.
  • If a job-related injury/accident results in more than seven (7) days' absence, the insurance carrier will be responsible for handling the claim for lost pay.  During such period the employee may be directed to:
    • Endorse over to the District the payments received from the insurance carrier, continue to receive a regular salary, and be charged sick leave.  When the amount of the insurance payment is determined and received by the District, the employee's sick leave record will be adjusted for that fraction of the time paid by the insurance carrier (e.g., the insurance carrier pays one-half [1/2] of the normal salary of the employee, the sick leave will be adjusted on a pro rata basis); or
    • Draw compensation from the insurance carrier, provide the District with a record of such payment, and receive payment for sick leave pay for the uncompensated portion of missed time, up to the limit of accumulated sick leave.
  • In no event will an employee receive a combined salary and worker's compensation in excess of the employee's regular salary.
  • An employee who has used all accumulated sick leave will be removed from the payroll and will receive only such amounts as are paid by the District's insurance carrier.