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7.33.P.1 Staff Bereavement Leave

Section 7.33 - Policy


a.    The Benefits department is designated with the responsibility for creating a process for requesting bereavement leave as well processing requests for bereavement leave.

b.    The employee is responsible for notifying their Supervisor immediately when they learn of the need for bereavement leave. Their Supervisor should advise them of the proper form to utilize to request the leave and where it may be found online. 

c.    Temporary employees and substitutes are not entitled to Bereavement Leave.

d.    Employees approved for Bereavement Leave shall receive up to an additional five (days) or equivalency in hours of paid leave in addition to any other forms of accumulated paid leave.

a.    The Bereavement Leave request form must be submitted to the employee’s Supervisor.  Both the employee and supervisor must sign the form attesting that the request appears to meet the eligibility requirements for the leave.

b.    Upon request for bereavement leave, it shall be immediately and tentatively approved pending submission of documentation required below.

c.    On or before the end of the pay period following the absence, the employee shall provide documentation of the following:
  • The name  of the deceased and relationship to the employee.  

The following relationships are approved:
  • Children, regardless of age, including biological, adopted, step-, or foster child, legal ward, children of domestic partners, or anyone for whom the person stood in loco parentis.
  • The employee’s or employee’s spouses or domestic partner’s parents (including biological, adopted, step-, foster, or person who stood in loco parentis).
  • The employee’s legal spouse or registered domestic partner (may be registered under any state or local law of any region).
  • A grandparent, grandchild, or sibling of the employee, the employee’s spouse, or the employee’s domestic partner (again including biological, adopted, step-, foster, etc.).
  • “Any other individual related by blood or affinity whose close association with the employee is the equivalent of a family relationship.”
d.    Failure to provide the documentation required within the time frame required may subject the employee to conversion to an unpaid leave status and, depending upon the circumstances, could subject the employee to disciplinary action.

e.    Bereavement leave extensions may be approved upon request using a similar process to the process for the first request for bereavement leave time mentioned above. The Human Relations Department and the Payroll & Benefits Department will coordinate review of these requests.
i.    Employees applying for the extension shall be notified of approval or disapproval.  If the leave is not approved, the notice will include the reason as well as any other leave options, if any, that may be available to the employee.

ii.    Employees approved for bereavement leave extension shall have the time deducted from any accrued paid leave, if available. In the absence of any accrued leave, the employee shall be approved for an unpaid leave of absence.