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7.34.P.1 Staff Vacation and Holidays

Section 7.34 - Policy


a.    Annually the Superintendent shall recommend to the Governing Board a list of holidays as well as the employees who will be entitled to time off for the holiday with or without pay.  This information shall be provided to the Governing Board for their consideration and review via the employee work calendars.

b.    Once approved, the Superintendent or designee shall notify employees of their holiday status via their work calendar, contract and/ or notice of employment.

c.    Temporary employees and substitutes are not eligible for holiday pay.

a.    Annually staff supervisors and managers shall provide notice to their employees who are eligible for vacation of the procedures to be utilized for requesting and obtaining approval for vacation. The notice shall include information regarding:
i.    The maximum accumulation of vacations days or hours. 

ii.    The number of days in advance vacation dates must be requested in order to be eligible for approval.

iii.    The method that will be used to resolve a conflict if more than one person requests the same vacation period and multiple people off at the  same time will adversely impact the operations of that department or group of employees with similar responsibilities.  For example, it might be first requested, first approved.  If requests are submitted simultaneously then it might be the person with the most seniority.

iv.    Any days during the calendar year that vacation time will not be approved.

a.    Vacation time earned for the work calendar year, shall be awarded to the employee on dates established by the employee work calendar, contract or notice of employment. This information shall be provided in the employee payroll pay stub.

b.    Some employee groups may receive an award with all vacation time at the beginning of their work calendar.

c.    Some employee groups may receive an award of half their vacation time at the beginning of their work calendar and the remainder mid-January.

d.    Prorated Vacation time if employment is ended prior to completion of the work calendar year. If an employee has been awarded vacation days and decides to leave employment prior to the completion of their work calendar year, their paid vacation time shall be prorated.  This means if vacation time was used that would not have been earned, it may be deducted from the final check. In no event, shall an employee be paid for vacation that would not have been earned under a prorated calculation.

e.  Hourly and exempt employees may carry over vacation days into the new fiscal year for use through October 31st.
      i.  The carry over days will expire on October 31st and are not included in the award of vacation days for the new year.
     ii.  In no event shall an employee be paid out for vacation days carried over into a new year that are not used prior to October 31.