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7.39.P.1 Professional Staff Development

Section 7.39 - Policy


Professional Growth Implementation

The District authorizes the establishment of the Certificated Professional Growth Committee.  One of the functions of the committee is to review and approve or disapprove professional growth requests of certificated and non-administrative employees. 

Professional Growth Committee

The committee shall have members, as follows:
  • One (1) building administrator
  • Seven (7) teachers, to include elementary and secondary teachers to be appointed by the Dysart Education Association

The professional growth committee collaborates at least once per year to review and recommend procedures governing professional growth and requests from teachers for professional growth credit and salary advancement.

Staff Development Courses

Professional growth credit shall be awarded for staff development training classes and workshops that are recommended by the Superintendent. Any credit thus established shall be controlled by standards comparable to the credits earned by formal college/university study.

Professional staff development training and/or workshops designed for professional growth credit shall be assigned point values.  Upon completion of assignments, one (1) point shall be awarded for each hour of attendance; fifteen (15) points shall be considered the equivalent of one (1) semester hour of college/university credit.  The District instructor(s) shall certify the number of points earned by each member in attendance.  Points are awarded in whole numbers.

Professional growth credit may be awarded to certificated staff members who serve as non-compensated instructors for workshops, staff development training, or community education classes that are recommended by the District administration.  Consistent with standards for awarding credit to participants in such activities (as previously described), the following point system shall apply to instructors:  two (2) points shall be awarded for each hour of instruction, fifteen (15) points shall be considered the equivalent of one (1) semester hour of college/university credit.  The District administrator responsible for the scheduling of said workshops, staff development training, or community education courses shall certify the number of points earned by the instructor.

Degree program.  Salary schedule credit shall be granted for graduate hours earned and accepted at an accredited college or university on an advanced degree that is pertinent to the college of education and/or relevant to the teacher's position.  Credits shall be awarded for Pass in Pass/Fail classes or any class earning a “C” or above.  Internship credit shall be awarded for credit upon the completion of a degree which requires an internship program.

Certification/endorsement/professional development courses.  Courses/credits earned that are not part of a degree program must be in an area that will be of value in improving skills, improving the instructional program, and related to the professional staff member's position.  The decision whether to give credit will be based on factors related to the District's needs.  Activities outside the District, such as conventions, conference, workshops, and the like, may be eligible for professional growth credit as determined by the committee.  Courses/credits that are designated as recertification hours will not be accepted.

Limitations and exceptions.  The following limits and exceptions shall apply:
  • Credits must be obtained from an accredited college or university.
  • Only courses that begin after completion of all requirements for a bachelor's degree shall be allowed for salary credit beyond a bachelor's degree.
  • Credit approval shall not be given for courses required for certification specified by the District for initial employment.  If a professional staff member changes to an assignment that requires additional training, such credit hours are acceptable beyond the original salary placement.
  • Credit for professional training and/or course work not provided to the Human Resources Department at the time of hire for employment shall not be claimed or granted at a future date.
  • Credit shall not be allowed for repetitious courses.
  • An undergraduate course may be considered for professional growth credit if it is accompanied by a written justification/explanation from the principal or director.  Undergraduate credits seldom are appropriate for professional growth credit.  Only those undergraduate hours taken while employed by the District may be approved for salary credit upon review of the committee.
  • An employee attending class during the hours of employment or being compensated by the District for attendance or extracurricular activity for which a stipend is received shall not use the credits earned for salary increment.

Salary Advancement

Professional staff may advance no more than the base salary increase for professional growth as established on the certified salary schedule approved annually by the Governing Board.  Base salary increases will not exceed the maximum salary of the grade/degree.

Procedures for Applying Professional Growth Credit

Information on the process to submit for professional growth can be found on the District website.  The information below outlines the timeline for certificated staff to apply:
  1. Submit the Letter of Intent in iPal/iLearn by March 1st of the preceding school year.
  2. Complete the Request Form in iPal/iLearn by October 1st.  All supporting documents must be  uploaded in iPal/iLearn before the set deadline.  Supporting documents may include: 1) official transcripts, 2) out-of-District workshop/conference certificates, and/or 3) Certificate of Attendance for in District workshop/conferences not included in iLearn.
  3. Upon recommendation by the committee and approval of the District Governing Board, an award or denial letter will be issued to each certificated staff member.

Requests submitted after the deadline will not be considered until the next school year.

Failure to comply with any of the above procedures will result in non-approval.  A certificated staff member who disagrees with the committee’s decision may appeal to the Superintendent or the Superintendent’s designee within fifteen (15) calendar days after the decision is delivered to the certificated employee.