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7.41.P.1 Professional Staff Assignments and Transfers

Section 7.41 - Policy


The Superintendent will implement the following procedures for internal transfers of teaching staff interested in transferring positions for the start of the next school year:


Round One:
Step 1:        Staffing allocations are provided to building administrators.
Step 2:        Building administrators identify vacancies and unassigned staff.  Building administrators will make every effort to place all current staff.  Placements must meet certificate and highly qualified requirements.

Step 3:         Administration places into the vacancies all unassigned staff and any employees returning from a leave of absence.  Human Relations (HR) notifies unassigned staff and employees returning from a leave of absence of their placement for the next school year.

Step 4:        Tuesday AM - Open Positions are posted and notices to employees are sent by e-mail with a link to the Open Position List.  Procedures and dates for Round One and Round Two will be included in the e-mail notification.  In this notice, they will be told they must make themselves available for a potential Thursday, Friday or Saturday interview.  The teacher must be available for the interview when scheduled or lose the opportunity to interview.  Internal Transfer Application for Teachers will be available on the HR website (a link will be provided).

Step 5:        Wednesday Noon - Teacher must send an e-mail to the building administrator at the school where the teacher would like interview.

Step 6:        Wednesday End of Work Day - Building administrator will notify teacher of interview for Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Step 7:        Interview - Teacher must bring to the interview the completed Internal Transfer Application for Teachers and documentation supporting appropriate certification and highly qualified status for the position for which they are interviewing.  If the teacher is currently on a Performance Improvement Agreement (PIA), please see "Other Procedure Components" for additional information.

Step 8:        Notification of Selection - Prior to making a decision, the building administrator must contact the teacher's current building administrator and obtain a reference check.  The building administrator notifies the successful candidate(s) that she/he is going to be recommended for transfer.

Step 9:        Acceptance of Transfer - By Monday 10:00 AM - The teacher must provide the building administrator with a response.

Step 10:    By Monday Noon - Once accepted by the teacher, the building administrator must submit the recommendation for transfer, reference check documentation, Internal Transfer Application for Teachers, and certificate and highly qualified documentation to Human Relations for processing.  Human Relations will verify the eligibility of the teacher and notify the building administrator when the verification is completed.  If the teacher does not meet the eligibility requirements, the building administrator may submit a new recommendation.  This second recommendation must be made by close of business on Monday.  The building administrator could opt to put the opening into Round Two if they do not have a second recommendation.

Round Two:

Step 11:    The Tuesday morning following Round One interviews, all open positions are posted and notice to employees is sent out by e-mail with a link to the Open Positions List.  The next steps are the same as Step 5 through 10 above.

Round Three:

All open positions are posted a week later on Tuesday morning with notice to employees sent out by e-mail with a link to the Open Position List.  These positions will be available to in-District and out-of-District candidates.

From this point forward, all open positions will be updated on a daily basis.  Staff members will have to check daily to see if there are positions for which they are interested in applying.

Internal  Voluntary  Transfer Procedure  Ends

The Voluntary Transfer Procedure ends ten (10) days after contracts are due or May 15 whichever date is later.  This means that teachers will not be able to transfer from their assigned position after this date unless mutually agreeable to the teacher involved and the principal(s) as approved by the Superintendent.

Other Procedure Components:
  • All staff that apply for an opening and send e-mail notification requesting an interview will be interviewed.
  • A request to transfer will not be granted if the teacher has been under a plan of improvement (PIA) for classroom deficiencies during the current year unless the teacher's current supervisor agrees and the principal desiring to grant the transfer request agrees to continue the PIA until the areas requirement improvement have been completed.
  • The Internal Transfer Application for Teachers will ask the following:
    • During the current school year, have you been on a PIA?
    • If yes, are you still on a PIA?
    • If you have been or if you are still on a PIA, will your current building administrator release you to transfer to another school?  If you answer yes, then you must print the Administrator Release Form and have your administrator sign the form indicating his/her willingness to have you transfer.  You must bring this signed document to your interview and provide it to the interviewing administrator.  Remember that if you are still on a PIA the administrator who accepts your request for transfer must agree to continue the PIA until the areas requiring improvement have been completed.
  • The interview process is intended to identify the best candidate for the position while supporting Governing Board goals and allowing teachers to pursue professional options.
  • There shall be interview teams that include an administrator, one to two (1-2) grade level members or department chair or representative.  Optional team members could include Dysart Education Association (DEA) representatives or instructional/reading coaches.
  • Notification to selected and non-selected staff requesting an internal transfer:
    • Human Relations shall notify selected staff members that their transfer has been approved for the following school year.
    • Building administrators shall inform interviewed staff members requesting a transfer that they were not selected.  First attempt should be made by phone.  E-mail should be sent if phone contact could not be made.  After phone contact, e-mail notification should be done for verification.  Individuals should be provided with a response on or before Monday noon after the individual has been interviewed and the selection has been made.
    • Feedback from administration should be given upon request.
    • There is not an appeal process.
    • Assistance may be available to individuals who request help with transfers from the Assistant Superintendent for Human Relations when an individual's transfer request has not been granted and where the individual has made five (5) requests in two (2) years without success and the individual is a continuing teacher.  The recommendation of the Assistant Superintendent for Human Relations will be brought to the Superintendent and the Superintendent's decision is final.
    • Teachers who accept a transfer to another school during any round of the internal transfer process are committing to that school and may not transfer again during that year's transfer process.​