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7.60.P.1 Procedure
Professional Growth Incentive Plan – Classified Staff

Professional Growth Eligibility for Professional Growth Incentive

1.    Professional Growth Eligibility for Professional Growth Incentive 
a.    The Professional Growth Incentive Plan utilizes an earned point system. The employee may earn points by a number of different means. Points are earned through college credit hours or a combination of clock hours earned through workshops, seminars, training and or in-service. To be eligible: 
i.    Employee must be a current DUSD employee. Employees rehired by the District are not entitled to previously earned points or the professional growth hourly base pay.

ii.    All activities must reflect:
a)    increased knowledge, understanding and skills in the employee’s regular assignment or 

b)    develops an understanding and awareness that can positively impact their career in the district.
iii.    Course work must not have been taken prior to employment.

iv.    Course work must be taken from an accredited institution. 

v.    Employees who are required as a condition of employment or placement in a position to obtain a certificate or college credit hours will not be able to use the certificate and/or college credit hours in the Professional Growth Incentive Plan.
vi.    Points will be awarded only for workshops attended outside of the work day.  If an employee is paid their hourly rate of pay to take the course, the course hours are not eligible for professional growth consideration.
vii.    Only one (1) Professional Growth Increase will be approved per fiscal year in accordance with the Professional Growth Incentive Plan schedule.
2.    Manner of Awarding Points:  Points are awarded in the following manner:
a.    University, college, or junior college – one (1) point per semester unit.

b.    Trade or professional school - one (1) point per semester unit.

c.    One (1) point will be awarded for each fifteen (15) hours of workshop, seminar, training and/or in-service hour attended as verified through certificate of completion or district iLearn transcript.
d.    Professional growth points will not be awarded without evidence of completion.
  3.  Procedures for applying for Professional Growth Incentive
i.    By March 1st of the preceding fiscal year in which the employee expects to have completed fifteen (15) points or will be submitting the required forms and supporting documentation for Professional Growth points towards a Professional Growth Incentive, will submit the Letter of Intent in iPal/iLearn.

ii.    By October 1st of the fiscal year, the Request Form in iPal/iLearn needs to be completed. Supporting documentation such as official transcripts and/or certificates of completion of professional growth credit/clock hours need to be uploaded in iPal/iLearn.

iii.    Notification to Employees. An award or denial letter will be issued to each classified staff employee who submitted a Letter of Intent.  
4.  Appeal Process
i.  An employee may appeal a denial of Professional Growth Incentive in writing to the Assistant Superintendent for Human Relations within ten (10) calendar days of notification of denial. The Assistant Superintendent for Human Relations will respond in writing within (10) ten calendar days to the employee with a decision and such will be considered final.
5.  Pursuant to Governing Board Policy the Professional Growth Incentive Plan Schedule has been established by the Superintendent and approved by the Governing Board.