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7.62.OG.1 Evaluation of Support Staff Members

The purposes of the classified employee performance evaluation are to:
  • Summarize past and/or current fiscal year performance, provide opportunities for successful future performance, and to clarify job duties, expectations, and goals.

The evaluation of a classified employee in the Dysart Unified School District (DUSD) is an interactive process between the evaluator and the employee. Throughout the fiscal school year, the evaluator and the employee work together to ensure that the employee’s job requirements and expectations are met.

The Classified employee performance evaluation offers the checklist evaluation method. A supervisor or designee evaluates the employee’s performance and behavior as it relates to the identified performance factors using the rating scale to determine the level of performance and behavior.

The expectation of the DUSD is that the performance evaluation process will assist in promoting and strengthening performance excellence of the employee and improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the District. The following outcomes are the expectations of the system:
  1. Ensure the highest possible levels of achievement and productivity
  2. Strengthen a working relationship between supervisor and employee
  3. Communicate performance expectations and the District’s mission, vision, and/or goals to employees
  4. Provide recognition and feedback to employees about their performance and behaviors
  5. Provide a basis for professional growth
  6. Assist in the annual recommendation retention or dismissal of an employee