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9.10.P.1 Family Life Education

Section 9.10 - Policy


Instruction in Sex Education

Instruction in sex education is offered by the District in conformity with the requirements of Arizona law, including Governing Board approval and certification of compliance as specified by the Department of Education.

Procedures on instruction in sex education that conform to Arizona law include as follows:
  • Sex education lessons may only be taken by the student at the written request of the individual student’s parent or guardian.
  • Alternative elective lessons(s) from the State adopted optional subjects must be provided for students who do not enroll in the elective sex education lessons.
  • Elective sex education lessons shall not exceed the equivalent of one (1) class period per day for one-quarter (1/4th) of the school year.
  • Lessons shall be taught to boys and girls separately.
  • Lessons shall be ungraded, require no homework, and any evaluation administered for the purpose of self-analysis shall not be retained or recorded by the school or the teacher in any form.
  • Lessons shall not include tests, psychological inventories, surveys, or examinations containing any questions about the student’s or his parents’ personal beliefs or practices in sex, family life, morality, values or religion.
  • All sex education materials and instruction shall be age appropriate, recognize the needs of exceptional students, meet the needs of the District, recognize local community standards and sensitivities, shall not include the teaching of abnormal, deviate, or unusual sexual acts and practices, and shall include the following:
    • Emphasis upon the power of the individual to control his/her own personal behavior.  Pupils shall be encouraged to base their actions on reasoning, self-discipline, sense of responsibility, self-control, and ethical considerations such as respect for self and others;
    • Instruction on how to say no to unwanted sexual advances and to resist negative peer pressure. Pupils shall be taught that it is wrong to take advantage of, or to exploit another person;
    • Stress that pupils should abstain from sexual intercourse until they are mature adults;
    • Emphasize that abstinence from sexual intercourse is the only method for avoiding pregnancy that is 100 percent effective;
    • Stress that sexually transmitted diseases have severe consequences and constitute a serious and widespread public health problem;
    • Include a discussion of the possible emotional and psychological consequences of preadolescent and adolescent sexual intercourse and the consequences of preadolescent and adolescent pregnancy; and
    • Advise pupils of Arizona Law pertaining to the financial responsibilities of parenting and legal liabilities related to sexual intercourse with a minor. (per A.A.C. R7-2-303)

Procedures on instruction on acquired immune deficiency syndrome and human immunodeficiency virus that conform to Arizona law include as follows:

Instruction is:
  • appropriate to the grade level in which it is offered
  • medically accurate
  • promotes abstinence
  • discourages drug abuse
  • dispels myths regarding transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus

All alternative lessons are in alignment with Arizona Health Educational Standards.  These lessons are to be developed using the board adopted science/health instructional materials.

At the request of a parent, a pupil shall be excused from instruction on the acquired immune deficiency syndrome and the human immunodeficiency virus.

School-based Procedures

A mandatory parent meeting will be held prior to teaching Human Growth and Development lessons in each individual school. This meeting enables parents to review the adopted materials. The parent meeting will be held a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of the lessons and during the evening for parental convenience.  The meeting will usually require one to two hours of time. A district approved standard parent-meeting invitation will be sent by each school approximately one week prior to the parent meeting. All principals, course instructors and nurses must be in attendance.

The Human Growth and Development lessons shall be maintained for viewing at each individual school.

During the meeting the principal will introduce instructors.  Adopted instructional materials will be presented.  Parents will be informed that lessons are voluntary and that if they choose to allow their children to participate, they must sign and return the permission letter prior to the first lesson. Parents will be told that those students not taking the lessons will be enrolled in a State approved alternative program.  Parents will be provided with the dates of the lessons, information about the state regulations, and an explanation of the alternative program.  Instructors will describe how students’ questions will be handled.

After parent night, the approved permission letter to participate in sex education or to opt out of instruction on the acquired immune deficiency syndrome and the human immunodeficiency virus will be distributed to the students to take home. The permission letter should not be given out at the parent meeting.

All lessons are delivered in a manner that will provide the student with accurate information from competent adults in a classroom situation.  Human Growth & Development instruction is to take place in a classroom atmosphere and both instructors are to be present during each lesson. Instruction is governed by Dysart Unified School District No. 89 and Arizona State requirements.

Instructors are required to:
  • Have the background and knowledge of the subject and content of the adopted materials.
  • Be comfortable and at ease with the subject material.
  • All lessons are to be taught by two teachers working as a team. One of the teachers may be the school nurse.

Students’ questions regarding the lesson material will be addressed in two ways: (a) open classroom discussion and (b) anonymous question box.
  • Questions will be answered based on the factual material.
  • Questions that cannot be answered from the content of the materials must be referred to parents or guardians.
  • If questions arise that indicate possible abuse, instructors are referred to the District’s policies regarding mandatory reporting.

Certification of Compliance

The District shall certify, under the notarized signatures of both the Governing Board President and the Superintendent, compliance with A.A.C. R7-2-303.  Acknowledgement of receipt of the compliance certification from the State Board of Education is required as a prerequisite to the initiation of instruction.  Certification of compliance shall be in a format and with such particulars as shall be specified by the Department of Education.