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9.21.P.2 Instructional Resources and Materials

Each school staff member is responsible to teach the approved curriculum and protect the safety of each student. Video media can be a valuable instructional method when such movies and videos extend and/or reinforce the concepts being taught and have been planned for in advance.  The public performance of copyrighted videos is allowable for limited classroom use only.  Procedures governing the use of movies/videos in the classroom are as follows:
  • Refer to copyright laws to ensure necessary licenses are obtained before showing videos.
  • Movies and videos without ratings or with ratings other than for general audiences of all ages are not to be shown in classrooms or at any District facility (this includes buses and motels where students are present) except when all of the following conditions are met:
    • The movie or video has been previewed by the teacher or other professional staff member.
    • The movie or video has been determined to not contain material that is objectionable or inappropriate for the age group to which it is intended to be shown.
    • The site administrator has approved the use of the movie or video prior to its showing.
    • The teacher or other professional staff member has provided advance notification to each student's parent(s), or other responsible adult, of the title of the movie or video and the date on which it will be shown.
  • At no time should a movie with a rating of “R” be shown.
  • Any student whose parent or guardian has provided notice of their disapproval will not be permitted to view the movie or video.

Because learning objectives can generally be met by viewing short clips of a video, a full length movie/video should rarely be viewed.  Movie/video clips should be selected from approved curriculum supplemental resources. Prior administrator approval to show a movie/video is required.  Every movie/video must be previewed by the teacher prior to its showing.  Parents have the right to request that their child not view any movie or video, regardless of its rating or the purpose for which it is to be shown.