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9.28.P.1 Community Resource Persons / Speakers
In addition to instructional resources like books, film, and other media, community resource persons can be valuable contributors to student learning.  When considering the use of a community resource person, teachers need to submit a Guest Speaker Request Form to the building administrator at least 10 days prior to extending the invitation.  The building administrator will review the request according to the following guidelines:
  • Teachers are expected to exercise reasonable judgment which takes into account the chronological, intellectual, or emotional development of the students who will hear the presentation.
  • Instructional plans should demonstrate that various approaches or points of view will be adequately addressed or presented to the students through other speakers, materials, films books or other media.
  • The ideas presented and the resource person invited to present them are aligned to the curriculum.
  • The speaker is qualified to speak about the topic.

If the building administrator denies the teacher’s request, the administrator must notify the respective Assistant Superintendent of the denial.  If the denial is affirmed by the Assistant Superintendent, the building administrator must notify the teacher of the denial within 2 days and indicate the reason for the denial on the Guest Speaker Request Form.

In the event the building administrator denies a request for a guest speaker, the speaker will not be invited to address the class(es) intended unless and until the building administrator’s denial is reversed by the Assistant Superintendent upon appeal.

Community resource persons and guest speakers are required, upon arrival at the campus, to check in with the main administration office.  At that time, they will be given a copy of the District’s community resource guidelines.  Agreement to make an on-campus presentation shall be deemed acceptance of and agreement to abide by the District’s guidelines.

Language and behavior of community resource persons should be situationally appropriate and inoffensive to community standards.  The teacher responsible for inviting the resource person, or any member of the school administration has the right and duty to interrupt or suspend any proceedings if the conduct of the resource person is judged to be situationally inappropriate or endangering to the health and safety of students or staff.