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9.32.P.1 Parent Conferences

Section 9.32 - Policy


K-8 Schools 

Parent-teacher conferences are held the first and third quarters of the school year and then as needed by either the parent or the school beyond this official time. Early release days designated for the conferences are posted on the District calendar. Every effort is made to accommodate parents’ schedules for these important conferences.  Teachers should make every attempt to personally conference with each student’s parent(s).  Email communications are not substitutes for face to face or phone conversations.  Teachers are encouraged to accommodate requests for separate conferences. Additionally, if there is an indication of a possible retention or accelerated promotion, the student retention/accelerated promotion packet and forms will be utilized.
  • Each teacher should record attendance for conferences.
  • Each teacher will submit conference attendance to the school’s principal upon the conclusion of the conference days. 
  • Building administrators will report conference attendance to the assistant Superintendent by the end of the week following conferences.

High Schools 
Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Both the parent and the teacher can request the conference. 

High school counselors will implement the following:

  • Meet with all students to review ECAP
  • Maintain a log of all student/parent contacts (on Counseling tab in Infinite Campus)

 Beginning of the Year
  • Meet with all seniors within the first two weeks of school to review credits, provide final path for graduation, design a path for any credit deficiencies.
  • Meet with all freshman within the first month of school to assure introduction and check in with them to make certain their transition to high school has been successful.

Throughout the Year
  • Following each 4-1/2 week grading period, meet with all students that have a cumulative D or F at the marking period.  Meet with students within one week of the end of the 4-1/2 week marking period and contact parents.
  • Monitor the progress of all seniors toward graduation.
  • Provide college and career readiness lessons, per ASCA model, in a manner that is non-disruptive to academic time (e.g. - freshman PE courses).  Lessons are to be instructed per ASCA model and should not total more than three per year / per grade level as identified in district curriculum.

Beginning of Second Semester
  • Meet with all seniors to review progress toward graduation within the first two weeks of the start of the second semester.