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9.33.P.1 Homework

Section 9.33 - Policy


Homework is a valuable learning activity and is appropriate at all grade levels.  Parents need to be advised of what is expected of their children and how they can reinforce the educational value of the assigned work.

Homework can be as follows;
  • Any assignment not completed during the school day.
  • Periodic special projects/activities
  • Intervention that changes deficient performance to performance that meets acceptable standards.
  • Reinforcement and mastery of critical skills and concepts.  Special emphasis will be placed on the mastery of basic skills.
  • Challenge through exploration of concepts and skills that complement and elaborate those introduced in the classroom.

Feedback from the teacher through correction and clarification of all outside assignments. Homework should be an independent activity.  Homework should never be assigned as a punishment. Students must be allowed extra time to make up missing work when they are absent or suspended.  For each day they are absent, they have that same amount of days to make up their assignments. When a homework request has been made, the homeroom teacher or counselor is responsible to gather all content area assignments.  These assignments will be given to the school office for parent pick up within 24 hours of the request.  Homework is limited to 10% of the overall course grade.