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9.37.P.1 Make Up Opportunities

Section 9.37 - Policy


Make up work is defined as any assignments or tests students need to complete due to an excused absence. Students will be allowed the same amount of days equal to the number of excused absence days to make up assignments for full credit. 

When a student provides a written statement signed by a parent or guardian that the student will be or was absent, each teacher will be notified and the following procedure will apply:
  • Each teacher will provide the student's assignment(s) and any handouts or materials necessary for accomplishment of such assignment(s), allowing a minimum make up period of one (1) day for each day absent.
  • It will be the responsibility of any student who misses a laboratory assignment or test to arrange with the teacher a mutually convenient time to perform the laboratory assignment or to take the test.

Adjustments may be made when it is in the best interest of the student(s).
  • It will be the student's responsibility to ask for make-up work and to arrange for a time to make up tests when the student returns.
  • If the teacher is unable to supply the student with a make-up assignment, the student will not be held responsible for that make up assignment.
  • The student has the responsibility to work with the teacher to develop a plan for making up homework and tests.
  • If work is not turned in by the time the assignment is due, and the student fails to provide an acceptable explanation of the extenuating circumstances that would merit an extension, the teacher may reduce the grade on the assignment or withhold credit on the assignment.
  • When a student has been absent for illness, ample time will be given for make-up work once the student returns to school.
  • In situations where the student will be absent for more than three (3) days, due to illness (i.e., chicken pox, measles, etc.), or when the parent notifies the office that the student will be absent more than one (1) week for other reasons (e.g., vacation), teachers may provide required assignments in advance or send assignments to the student.

These procedures apply to excused absences including when students are absent because of the application of pesticides.