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9.39.P.1 Graduation Requirements
Determining Competency for Graduation Credit

Determination and verification of student accomplishment of subject-area course requirements and/or competencies for graduation credit shall be the responsibility of a subject-area teacher and, at a minimum, shall be in accord with the following:
  • The student shall have successfully completed the subject-area course requirement incorporating the standards and competencies adopted by the State Board of Education from the course of study as determined by the Governing Board in accord with the District's designated grading system; or
  • As an alternative to completing the course requirements, a student may request, upon a showing of familiarity with the subject matter of the course, an examination on the competencies of the course.  The student may take an examination on a particular course one (1) time only in an academic year.  The examination shall be prepared by a teacher of the subject matter who is designated by the Superintendent.  To receive graduation credit, the student must demonstrate accomplishment of the standards and competencies adopted by the State Board of Education and the Governing Board, respectively.  Demonstration of accomplishment of the skills and competencies shall be determined in accord with accepted practices in evaluation of students.  A copy of the test results, verified by the appointed teacher, shall be filed with the student's records.
  • In order to qualify for a Dysart diploma, the student’s last credit earned must be earned in a Dysart Unified School District school.