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9.40.P.1 Early Graduation

Early high school completion may be granted by high school principals in order to meet career goals for selected students.  Procedures for applying for early graduation are included in the High School Course Selection Guide and “Early Graduation Request” forms are available in each high school’s counseling office. 
  • Students who wish to graduate early must confer with their counselor, meet all graduation requirements, and submit their request in writing on the appropriate form.
  • The counselor will verify that graduation requirements have been met.
  • The school principal will evaluate the request and approve based on individual needs of the student.
  • Early graduation transcripts will be available upon completion of requirements. The awarding of diplomas will occur when all graduation requirements have been met.  Diplomas can be requested through the District school where students earned their last credit. 
  • Transcripts verifying credits completed online or through other outside options must be submitted to the home high school registrar two weeks prior to the graduation date.


Students request diplomas from the District school where they completed their last credit.