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9.43.P.1 Test / Assessment Administration

Section 9.43 - Policy


Tests and assessments shall be administered to students to measure student learning and progress. Assessments are of five types: state-required, District-required, program-required, classroom-based and external. State- and District-required assessments are developed and administered under the supervision of the Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment. Program-required assessments may be under the supervision of several departments, including Federal Programs or Special Education. Voluntary assessments may be offered to schools or classes from time to time as opportunities arise and must be reviewed and approved by the Assistant Superintendent prior to use with students. 

The Department of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment will be responsible for overseeing the administration plan for state tests required for graduation. The plan is to include the following:
  1. The graduation requirements;
  2. The state tests required for graduation that the District is required to use;
  3. The opportunities for remediation for a student who has not passed the state tests required for graduation; 
  4. The process for requesting an additional testing opportunity and accommodations for a senior who has met all other graduation requirements but has not passed one or more state required tests; 
  5. The method to report breaches in test security procedures to the District and the Arizona Department of Education; and 
  6. Procedures for meeting the needs of ELL students, students who require an IEP, or students who require Section 504 accommodations.

When administering state tests that may be required for graduation, the District will observe the following security measures: 
  1. All test booklets, answer sheets, and test materials will be placed in locked storage before and after the test administration. No copies of test booklets or answer sheets will be made;

  2. The District will report any violations of test security to the Arizona Department of Education. The Arizona Department of Education will receive reports of violations of test security from anyone with knowledge of such an incident.