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9.48.P.1 Class Interruptions


It will be the responsibility of the principal to limit the clerical duties of classroom teachers as much as possible and to reduce, to a minimum, interruptions of classroom programs.  Teachers should not be called out of their classrooms for telephone calls, salespersons, or visitors.  Exceptions may be made in emergencies.  The classroom setting shall not be interrupted by the use of the interschool communication system unless authorized by the principal.

These procedures apply to visits, unexpected or otherwise communicated in advance, for the purposes of extended observations in the classroom or campus areas.  When parents/visitors request to visit the school and/or their child’s classroom or school building during the school day, the following procedures shall be followed: 
  • The parent/visitor will complete and submit a written request on the Request to Visit School Form. 
    • The form must be submitted to the school administration at least two business days prior to the intended visit. 
    • Teacher/Staff member along with school administration will review the request to determine the educational relevance and appropriateness of the visit. 
    • The administrator will approve or deny the visit based on the review. 
    • If approved, the front office will contact the parent/visitor and review the classroom visitation guidelines including that the parent/visitor will sign-in at the front office on the date of their visit.
  • If not approved, the administrator will contact the parent and discuss alternative means of gathering the information the parent is seeking, if possible