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9.7.P.1 Basic Instructional Program

Section 9.7 - Policy



For students in kindergarten (K) and grades one (1) through three (3), the District shall:
  • select and administer screening, ongoing diagnostic and classroom based instructional reading assessments, including motivational assessments, as defined by the State Board of Education, 
  • conduct a curriculum evaluation,
  • adopt a scientifically based reading curriculum including the essentials of reading instruction,
  • provide ongoing teacher training based on scientifically based reading research,
  • devote reasonable amounts of time to explicit instruction and independent reading, 
  • provide intensive reading instruction as defined by the State Board of Education to each student who does not meet or exceed the Arizona Standards Assessment, and 
  • review its reading program and take corrective action as specified by the State Board of Education whenever more than twenty percent (20%) of the third grade students do not meet the Arizona Standards Assessment.