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9.8.P.1 English Instruction

Section 9.8 - Policy


The following procedures are instituted for purposes of implementing a transitional English language learner program.

Program Description
Each school shall use an English Learner (EL) program developed from a state task force approved model. All EL students are to be provided with appropriate daily English language development and instruction. The District will also provide EL student’s core academic instruction where the English language drives the instruction.

Student Identification
A home language survey form and enrollment form will be completed at the time of enrollment of new or transfer students. The form will explain how students are assessed for English language proficiency. If the primary home language (the language most often spoken in the home or the first acquired language) is a language other than English the student shall be considered to have a Primary or Home Language Other Than English (PHLOTE). All PHLOTE children shall be administered English language assessments upon initial entry and at the end of the year (after February 1). 

New and continuing ELs may be assessed at midpoint of the academic year, but no student may be assessed more than three (3) times per year. The midyear assessment (not a wholesale assessment of all students) will provide those who warrant assessment an opportunity to enter a mainstream classroom as soon as possible. The tests will be administered at the times indicated by trained personnel except when federal grants require different time lines or when an Individualized Education Program (IEP) team for a qualified special education child finds the procedure inappropriate.

Students are considered EL if their performance level results in a composite score of “Pre-Emergent”, “Emergent”, “Basic”, or “Intermediate”. These students are placed in the Structured English Immersion (SEI) program. Once they obtain a score of proficient as a total combined score, proficient in the Reading domain, and proficient in the Writing domain will be identified as Proficient they are then exited from the SEI program.

Program Placement
Students who receive a composite score of Pre-emergent/Emergent, Basic, and Intermediate receive 4 hours of English Language Development (ELD) instruction which is divided into the following specific areas with specific time allocations:
  • Oral Conversation/Vocabulary - 60 minutes
  • Reading – 60 minutes
  • Grammar – 60 minutes
  • Vocabulary – 60 minutes

Parent/Guardian Notification
Parents/guardians will be notified, in writing, of their child’s initial eligibility and notified annually of their child’s continuing eligibility for program placement.  At a minimum, the parent/guardian notification will contain:
  • how the child’s eligibility was determined and the child’s current level of English proficiency;
  • a description of the District’s program and how it will meet the child’s educational needs;
  • the specific exit requirements for the program; and,
  • information on the parent’s right to refuse services.

Communication with parents/guardians should be provided, when feasible, in the parents’ primary language.

Student Progress and Reassessment for Reclassification
At least annually, parents shall receive a notice of student proficiency level and program placement. ELs not progressing as evidenced by failure to improve scores on the Arizona state standards tests or the nationally standardized test of A.R.S. 15-741 may be provided compensatory instruction to assist them in achieving those standards. A written individualized compensatory plan that documents the scope and type of instructional services provided to an EL shall be kept in the student's file. Reassessment of classification may take place following assessment testing but shall be considered at least once a year. If appropriate, parents shall receive a reclassification notice with a copy of the notice to be placed in the student’s file. When a student is reclassified as a Fluent English Proficient (FEP) student, the school shall monitor the student for two (2) years after the reclassification to determine if the student is performing satisfactorily. The two (2) year monitoring form shall be maintained in the student's file.

Other Program Requirements
EL students are required to participate in all state mandated testing.

Record Keeping and Documentation
The District will maintain records of eligible students and comply with state reporting requirements.  Original documents will be kept in the student’s cumulative folder and copies will be kept in the program folder, if applicable.  These documents include the enrollment form, home language survey, parent notification letters, parental waiver (if applicable), language proficiency test assessment data, and a reclassification letter.

For more specific information please visit the ADE website:  Office of English Language Acquisition Services or contact Federal Projects and Community Outreach Department.