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(623)876-7100Dysart Middle Schoolattendance: (623)876-7136
(623)876-713712950 W Varney Rd
El Mirage, AZ 85335-3184

School Website
Longoria, AshleyPrincipal ElementaryDysart Middle School[email protected]
Alejos, GuadalupeAssistant Principal ElemDysart Middle School[email protected]
Office Staff
Morris, HollyAdmin Sec III K-8Dysart Middle School[email protected]
Salgado, SandraAttendance Records TechnicianDysart Middle School[email protected]
Parrish, GenesisData Records TechDysart Middle School[email protected]
Jones, RashandaHealth Services AsstDysart Middle School[email protected]
Social Worker
Real, RebeccaSocial WorkerDysart Middle School[email protected]
Teacher 5th Grade
Garner, MichelleTeacher Grade 5Dysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Haden, RuthTeacher Grade 5Dysart Middle School[email protected]
Heck, LindaTeacher Grade 5Dysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Hirmis, CarolineTeacher Grade 5Dysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Howard, SarahTeacher Grade 5Dysart Middle School[email protected]
Robbins, LeonardTeacher Grade 5Dysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Teacher 6th Grade
Duty, BarbaraTeacher Grade 6Dysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Faitala, EricaTeacher Grade 6Dysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Saini, PoonamTeacher Grade 6Dysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Smith, RubyTeacher Grade 6Dysart Middle School[email protected]
Swenson, CindyTeacher Grade 6Dysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Warwick, LauraTeacher Grade 6Dysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Teacher 7th/8th Grade
Lopez, AmberTeacher 8th Grade Lang ArtsDysart Middle School[email protected]
Martinez, NeyvelindaTeacher 7th 8th Grade ScienceDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Prewitt, LisaTeacher 7th 8th Grade Soc StudiesDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Kutcherman, RondaTeacher 7th Grade Lang ArtsDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Salsberry, KarinTeacher 7th Grade Lang ArtsDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Altamirano, AnnetteTeacher 7th Grade MathDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Bedolla, TorrieTeacher 7th Grade MathDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Pridie, GabriellaTeacher 7th Grade ScienceDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Ellis, RikelleTeacher 7th Grade Soc StudiesDysart Middle School[email protected]
Vasquez, AngelTeacher 8th Grade Lang ArtsDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Barajas, AugieTeacher 8th Grade MathDysart Middle School[email protected]
Carranza, MayraTeacher 8th Grade MathDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Williams, AaronTeacher 8th Grade ScienceDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Drey, RobertTeacher 8th Grade Soc StudiesDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Teacher Arts
Hiter, AmandaTeacher ArtDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Hammitt, JohnTeacher BandDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Bond, HillaryTeacher MusicDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Teacher SPED
Akright, AshleyParaprofessional SPED SpecializedDysart Middle School[email protected]
Bennett, GloriaParaprofessional SPED RrDysart Middle School[email protected]
Dunning, NormaParaprofessional SPED SpecializedDysart Middle School[email protected]
Knierim, ArnelaParaprofessional SPED RrDysart Middle School[email protected]
Ronn, SusanParaprofessional SPED RrDysart Middle School[email protected]
Soto, EstellaParaprofessional SPED SpecializedDysart Middle School[email protected]
Thompson, HannahParaprofessional SPED SpecializedDysart Middle School[email protected]
Burgos, DanaTeacher SPED RrDysart Middle School[email protected]
Hinojosa, ElliotTeacher SPED RrDysart Middle School[email protected]
Shelley, BarbaraTeacher SPED RrDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Gillespie, MicheleTeacher SPED StcDysart Middle School[email protected]
Shelley, NicoleTeacher SPED StcDysart Middle School[email protected]
Instructional Support
Arenivas, IselaGifted Technology Inst AsstDysart Middle School[email protected]
Arredondo, ChristinaTeacher K-8 Interventionist - MathDysart Middle School[email protected]
Cisneros, RosalvaTeacher K-8 Interventionist - MathDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Sprankle, SandyTeacher K-8 Interventionist - ReadingDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Youatt, AlexandraTeacher K-8 Interventionist - ReadingDysart Middle School[email protected]
Centeno, SamanthaTeaching & Learning SpecialistDysart Middle School[email protected]
Teacher Phys Ed
Dubois, TannerTeacher Physical EdDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Zwick, BeverlyTeacher Physical EdDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Forehand, VickyCrossing GuardDysart Middle School[email protected]
Orozco, ErnestinaFamily Outreach SpecialistDysart Middle School[email protected]Website
Patton, VictoriaInst AsstDysart Middle School[email protected]
Sanchez, ArnoldPlant Manager ElemMaintenance[email protected]
Mendivil, MarySchool Aide / Crossing GuardDysart Middle School[email protected]
Smith Ivy, SheilaSchool Aide / Crossing GuardDysart Middle School[email protected]
Perla, JuanSchool Data Improvement SpecialistDysart Middle School[email protected]
Gutierrez, SoniaTeacher SpanishDysart Middle School[email protected]Website